Monday, 7 September 2015

Parts of a Reed Diffuser

A home fragrance diffuser is a good option for enhancing any room in the house. It’s a flame-free way to fill a room with relaxing scents and it does so without overwhelming the nose. Diffusers can also be designed with luxurious aesthetics. They don’t only give the room a nice smell but can also make the room more visually appealing.

How does a reed diffuser work though? Let’s take a closer look at its parts:

Bottle of Oil

Scents used by diffusers come in the form of oils contained in a glass bottle. The cap of the bottle is designed to have a space for the reeds to go through.

The Reeds

The reeds are the means by which the scents are brought to the air. Part of each reed is dipped into the scent oil and the rest stick out of the bottle exposed to the air. The reed absorbs the oil and it goes up to the upper parts through a process called capillarity—the same way plants absorb moisture from the ground. The scent disperses into the air as it evaporates, filling the room with the scent at a regular rate.

With the above, reed diffusers are pretty simple to use, an additional characteristic that makes it a nice option for freshening up the home.

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  1. I love reeds! Better than any candle. xx